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Academy of Aviation – FRG Campus – Flight Training

7150 Republic Airport # 101, Farmingdale, NY 11735, USA

About Academy of Aviation – FRG Campus – Flight Training

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Academy of Aviation – FRG Campus – Flight Training

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7150 Republic Airport # 101, Farmingdale, NY 11735, USA

February 24, 2020

Nice place and aviation school in New York to success as a pilot. I went for a discovery flight with my cousin and the staff and instructor explained everything detailed to us and also other schools just care about the money you spend in hours and this school care about your success. I'm considering to apply for this year .

Jay Arcos
September 01, 2017

If you want to become a pilot, look nowhere else. Best place to go!

Mobius Mirage
March 27, 2020

This school is a disappointment. They want want to be a part 141 school but acts as a part 61 school. To start you don’t pay per lesson (like every other flight school) you pay for a flight training program. For example you want add a Muilt-engine rating? Fly the DA42 for 10hrs. Your probably thinking, awesome! If I pass my checkride in half the time I can rent the DA42 for another 5hrs. No you can't! And then you say, But that's what AOA told me when I signed up! But, I guess that was something they say to all our multi students so they could fork over $5,000. Well played AOA. Well played. This would still be fine, if each lesson was organize in advance with pre-determined lesson plans and defined learning objectives. But it isn't. I would sometimes have to remind my instructor what we did last time and what was the outcome to a lesson that I flew the day before (every other flight school keeps a folder that the instructor reviews so he/she knows exactly what happened last flight and what we need to improve on.) So there is no incentive to do well, since your progress is based the flight training program you bought. Ground school involves sitting in a room with your instructor while several other ground instructors will be given lessons in the same room and fighting over the one and only white board. Worst of all, they require their students to show up 15min early and while there instructors are constantly 15min late. This would not be a problem, but then they charge a $100 fee onto your bill. Finally, I really don't like receiving emails about the AOA president’s spiritual beliefs. It's unprofessional.

Jamie Everett
May 30, 2019

Without doubt the best flying school I have ever been to. The staff were incredibly helpful with particular thanks Reg, Jeff ands Marina who helped me navigating the complexities of 61.75, TSA fingerprints and IR. a fabulous team can’t wait to head back there and do my commercial. Thanks

Farmingdale Taxi and Airport Service
May 08, 2019

Academy of Aviation is one of the best schools for flight in Farmingdale Long Island a their instructors know flying and will make it easy for you to get the hang of it. Farmingdale Taxi and Airport Service highly recommends this flight school in Farmingdale!

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